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Vandana A Gupta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Besides working on neuromuscular diseases, Vandana enjoys cycling, painting and spending time with her husband and two kids.

Jasmine Pak
Jasmine Pak
Graduate Student

Jasmine is a graduate student whose hobbies and interests outside of the laboratory include hip-hop dance, playing the viola, and finding the best food spots in the Boston/Cambridge area.

Claire Grosgogeat
Claire Grosgogeat
Undergraduate Research Student

Claire is an undergraduate student at Boston College studying Biology and Medical Humanities. She also works as an Emergency Medical Technician at Boston College and in Connecticut.

Arian Mansur
Arian Mansur
Undergraduate Research Student

Arian is an undergraduate student at Harvard University studying Human Development and Regenerative Biology. Outside of lab, he co-directs the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter and enjoys weight lifting.

Former Lab Members
Current Position

Michael Mario Marchetti

Student, University of Massachusetts

Caroline Jirka

Medical Student, Boston University

Alexis Bennett

Medical Student, Drexel University

Benton Mitchell

Research Technician, Boston Children’s Hospital

Ayano Kondo

Graduate student, University of Pennsylvania 

Junko Shimaju

Graduate Student, Columbia University

Jessica McIntire

Medical Student, University of Pittsburgh

Stacey Gundry

PA student, University of Colorado

Marie Discenza

Genetic Counselor, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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